Edinburgh Tourist Attractions | 60+ Attractions

EDINBURGH TOURIST ATTRACTIONS | 60 + TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN EDINBURGH If you are looking for places to see and experience when traveling to Edinburgh then here is a list of some of the best tourist attractions, landmarks and venues you can visit to make your time in Edinburgh more enjoyable. Positioned in the centre of … Read more

Holyrood Abbey

King David I founded Holyrood Abbey in 1128 which is now in ruins and the walls that are left of the abbey lie Adjacent to the Holyrood Palace, the abbey has been in ruins since the 18th Century, scheduled daily maintenance takes place to keep the abbey protected. The name Holyrood comes from the name … Read more

The Vaults

The Edinburgh Vaults which are also known as the South Bride Vaults are arched chambers built under the South bride of Edinburgh. With the bride’s competition those vaults became a home for different sets of crafts people such as cobblers, businesses run by traders both selling and storing their goods there as well as many … Read more

The National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland merged with New Museum of Scotland, sharing their collections of Scottish antiquities, culture and history. The National Museum of Scotland stand alongside the Royal Museum, with collections of science and technology, natural history and world cultures. Both Museums can be accessed using the Nation Museum of Scotland admission fee. The … Read more

The Old Medical School Museum

The old medical school museum is housed within University of Edinburgh’s Medical school building. This museum contains 12,000 objects and specimens that Edinburgh University has used for teaching lessons of anatomy for 300 years which is ideal for anyone interested in biology. A third of the collection consists of pathology, anatomy and zoology such as … Read more

The Dean Gardens

These exclusive gardens found close to the Stockbridge suburbs in New Town part of Edinburgh are over 29137 square meters in size and are sited on the north bank of the Dean Valley with the Water of Leith running through them. The Dean Gardens were first established in the late 1860s by the local residents … Read more

The Royal Mile including St’ Giles Cathedral

St. Giles’ Cathedral Between Edinburgh Castle and The Palace of Holyrood House on the Royal Mile stand the Cathedral of St. Giles’, this Cathedral is also known as the High Kirk of Edinburgh, the Chapel within St. Giles’ is The order of the Thistle and is the Presbyterian Mother Church. The Origins of St. Giles’ … Read more

The Royal Botanical Gardens

Founded in 1670 the botanical garden original served as a physics garden in the Holyrood Palace grounds used to grow medicinal plants with a rough size of a tennis court for plants to grow. Today it has a vast collection housing plants in four locations of Edinburgh, Benmore, Dawyck and Logan. It still continues through … Read more

The Royal Yacht Britannia

On April 16th 1953 The Royal yacht Britannia was launch from John Brown and Company Shipyard in Clydebank, Britannia has server The Royal Family for over 44 years now and has become the most famous ship in the world, the Britannia has been host to many Royal Honeymoons, travel to the states, official receptions and … Read more