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Guide to Michelin Starred Restaurants in Edinburgh February 27, 2023 by Chris - Introduction to Michelin Starred Restaurants in Edinburgh The Michelin guide star rating system for restaurants is a marketing idea that was originally devised by two brothers, Andre and Edward Michelin. These brothers founded the still existing Michelin tyre company. In an effort to increase the amount of people using cars and in turn buying more ... Read more
What to do in St Andrews November 14, 2022 by Chris - Things to see and do in st Andrews St Andrews is the town named after and reported to be the resting place of the apostle Andrew. If you are lucky enough to have some time to spend in St Andrews, this post is for you.  St Andrews is widely known around the world for being ... Read more
When Was Edinburgh Castle Built? July 29, 2022 by Chris - It is not surprising that Edinburgh Castle draws millions of tourists to the city each year. It is one of the oldest fortified sites in all of Europe. To date, several people out there want to know when Edinburgh castle was built. This article has all the information you’ve ever wanted about the history of ... Read more
Edinburgh underground city July 2, 2022 by Chris - As a tourist in Edinburgh, Scotland, you might be oblivious to what lies right under your feet. The innocuous-looking cobbled streets are not what they appear. Beneath all the hustle and bustle of the city is a series of vaults over two hundred years old. Above the ground, you can explore the city of literature. ... Read more
Breakfast in Edinburgh May 5, 2022 by Chris - Breakfast in Edinburgh Traditional as well as vegan and gluten-free options are all available at Edinburgh’s trendy restaurants and cafes. The city offers delectable meals to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. If you are planing on exploring the city make sure you fill up at one of the Edinburgh breakfast spots below. Breakfast ... Read more
Spa days Edinburgh March 20, 2022 by Chris - Spa days in Edinburgh and Lothians Edinburgh is one of the best cities in the world and if you find yourself visiting it make sure you take a spa day. Aside from being amazing and filled with various attractions and sightseeing options, it has great spa centres too. Below are some of the best spa ... Read more
Luxury Hotels in Edinburgh February 3, 2022 by Chris - Luxury Hotels Edinburgh Edinburgh is one of the best cities to visit in the world. Naturally it’s filled with many different attractions for tourists and even more hotels you can stay at. To have the most fun possible and stay at the best luxury hotels in Edinburgh we prepared a list below so make sure ... Read more
Cocktail Bars in Edinburgh December 21, 2021 by Chris - Cocktail Bars in Edinburgh Edinburgh is one of the most visited city in Scotland because there is plenty to see and experience. It’s one of the best cities you can visit when you are in Scotland if you want to have some fun and see some amazing sights. One of the best parts of Edinburgh ... Read more
Brunch in Edinburgh November 19, 2021 by Chris - BEST BRUNCH IN EDINBURGH Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, so it’s only proper to treat it with the respect it deserves. If you’re not an early bird though you can always go for brunch which is served later than breakfast. Going out for brunch is always a delight, ... Read more
Best Beaches Near Edinburgh October 8, 2021 by Chris - TOP BEACHES NEAR EDINBURGH A stroll along a sandy beach is a relaxing and pleasurable experience for all. When you are visiting Edinburgh, if the hustle and bustle of the city gets too much, then its nice to know you are never too far away from a beach. We have listed all of the beaches ... Read more
Top 14 Boutique Hotels Edinburgh Has To Offer September 5, 2021 by Chris - Edinburgh is regarded as one of the most beautiful and interesting cities on the planet. The International Festival, Fringe, and Hogmanay come to mind when thinking of Edinburgh. It also boasts a year-round flourishing café culture, and lively and diverse nightlife. It also has fantastic shopping places and a strong modern arts scene. The boutique ... Read more
Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art | Visitor Info | Updated 2021 August 5, 2021 by Chris - About The Scottish National Gallery The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art has a rich history. From its humble beginnings, it is now a stronghold of creativity. A look at its history paints a true picture of its significance. History The original National Gallery of Modern Art was in the Inverleith House in the August ... Read more
Edinburgh Tourist Attractions | 60+ Attractions June 21, 2021 by Chris - EDINBURGH TOURIST ATTRACTIONS | 60 + TOURIST ATTRACTIONS IN EDINBURGH If you are looking for places to see and experience when traveling to Edinburgh then here is a list of some of the best tourist attractions, landmarks and venues you can visit to make your time in Edinburgh more enjoyable. Positioned in the centre of ... Read more
The Best Loch Leven Hotels June 19, 2021 by Chris - featured image source Information about Loch Leven Loch Leven is a freshwater loch located in the Kinross and Perth council area around 27 miles from Edinburgh. This is in central Scotland, lying directly east of the burgh of Kinross. Additionally, the loch, which is somewhat trapezoidal in shape, is about 6 km (3.7 mi) long ... Read more
Wedding Dress Shops in Edinburgh April 20, 2021 by Chris - Wedding dress shopping is an important and often nerve-wracking experience for many brides. Finding the right dress can be challenging, and it all depends on the options you have. This list covers the Edinburgh wedding dress shops you can visit to find the dress of your dreams. Each outlet has something unique to offer, and ... Read more
Edinburgh Castle Wedding Venues March 6, 2021 by Chris - Edinburgh Castle Wedding Venues Edinburgh Castle is well known around the world as a place of true history and majesty. We couldn’t think of a better venue for a more memorable wedding than Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh Castle is one of many historic sites in the area in which you can tie the knot. We have ... Read more
Edinburgh Gin Tour: Rediscover the Magic of Gin February 1, 2021 by Chris - What better way to enjoy the different gin tours of Edinburgh in a chauffeur driven luxury vehicle. There is no denying gin popularity is on the rise. With its versatility, modest prices, and unique juniper berry taste, it is a go-to choice for all. An Edinburgh gin tour can be your perfect guide to the ... Read more
Wedding Venues Edinburgh December 6, 2020 by Chris - Edinburgh is a modern day city steeped in history and is one of the best places to get married in the whole of Scotland. There are so many wedding venues in Edinburgh that are just breathtaking. You can get married in different settings and locations as there are a lot of options from luxurious hotels ... Read more
The Best Whisky Tour Edinburgh – 11 Amazing Venues October 26, 2020 by Chris - whisky tour edinburgh Searching Google for Whisky Tour Edinburgh?, you have come to the right place! We have compiled a list in no particular order of the best Whisky tours in Edinburgh. The most famous Scottish alcoholic drink of all time is our whisky. It’s a tipple that goes back over 500 years. Since then ... Read more
Tours from Edinburgh to the Highlands September 28, 2020 by Chris - Why choose tours from Edinburgh to the Highlands Tours from Edinburgh to the Highlands are known to stun visitors with their immense beauty. They are home to barren moors, dense forests, and picturesque mountains. Moreover, if you want to delve into the world of serenity, the best way is to explore the Scottish Highlands in ... Read more
Hopetoun House Private Tour November 30, 2018 by Chris - November 2018. East Of Scotland Chauffeur Services (EOSCS). Our Mercedes V Class Luxury People Carrier outside one of Scotlands Finest Stately Homes, Hopetoun House. Our Clients were on a Private Tour of the House. The House is closed to visitors over the Winter Period, the Good News is that Private Pre Booked Tours of Hopetoun ... Read more
Northumberland Tour September 15, 2018 by Chris - August 2018. East Of Scotland Chauffeur Services (EOSCS). Waiting for our Clients outside the Lord Crewe Arms Hotel, Blanchland, Northumberland, a lovely hotel, in the middle of the ancient picturesque village, which is well worth a visit. Stuart M Wight EOSCS
Floors Castle Duke of Roxburghe September 12, 2018 by Chris - September 2018. East Of Scotland Chauffeur Services. EOSCS had a day in the Scottish Borders with Clients, this is Floors Castle, home of the Duke of Roxburghe, is a country house rather than a fortress. It was built in the 1720s by the architect William Adam for Duke John, possibly incorporating an earlier tower house. ... Read more
Northumberland Ancestral Tour September 3, 2018 by Chris - August 2018. East Of Scotland Chauffeur Services. Our lovely American Family Clients were returning to their Ancestors homeland of Northumberland in the North East of England. We visited many places in the Hexham and York area. With the help of Specialist Family Historians our clients were able to visit exactly where their forebears had lived, ... Read more
Jedburgh Abbey September 3, 2018 by Chris - August 2018 East Of Scotland Chauffeur Services. We were touring with clients in the Beautiful Scottish Borders, our Clients visited the Magnificent Jedburgh Abbey, short history of the Abbey. Towards the middle of the 9th century, when the area around Jedburgh was part of the Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Northumbria, there were two Gedworths (as Jedburgh ... Read more
VIP Macallan Distillery Visit July 12, 2018 by Chris - July 2018. EOSCS at the Macallan Whisky Distillery in Speyside. EOSCS was asked to Transfer visiting VIP Clients from the Distillery to Edinburgh
Sculpture made from old Horseshoes May 13, 2018 by Chris - East Of Scotland Chauffeur Services (EOSCS) May 2018. Peebles a lovely town and ancient Royal Burgh in the Beautiful Scottish Borders. A sculpture made out of tons of old horseshoes has been put up in the home town of Olympic showjumping gold medallist Scott Brash. The 10ft (3m) high design stands on the Edinburgh Road ... Read more
Holyrood Abbey April 17, 2018 by Chris - King David I founded Holyrood Abbey in 1128 which is now in ruins and the walls that are left of the abbey lie Adjacent to the Holyrood Palace, the abbey has been in ruins since the 18th Century, scheduled daily maintenance takes place to keep the abbey protected. The name Holyrood comes from the name ... Read more
Craigmiller Castle April 13, 2018 by Chris - History The second Castle in Edinburgh is just outside the old town walls, Mary Queen of Scots used this castle as a safe haven in 1566, ironically the owner of Craigmiller Castle Sir Simon Preston became Mary Queen of Scots Jailer just a few years later. The Tower house battlements of Craigmillar Castle stands at ... Read more
The Caves, Edinburgh April 10, 2018 by Chris - The Caves are located in the Old Town part of Edinburgh and being a part of the Vaults, which are connected to the South Bridge. The Caves is a private hire venue for weddings, parties, dinners or any other private functions. It can hold roughly between 65 and 400 people but is unavailable for hire ... Read more
The Vaults April 6, 2018 by Chris - The Edinburgh Vaults which are also known as the South Bride Vaults are arched chambers built under the South bride of Edinburgh. With the bride’s competition those vaults became a home for different sets of crafts people such as cobblers, businesses run by traders both selling and storing their goods there as well as many ... Read more
The National Museum of Scotland April 3, 2018 by Chris - The National Museum of Scotland merged with New Museum of Scotland, sharing their collections of Scottish antiquities, culture and history. The National Museum of Scotland stand alongside the Royal Museum, with collections of science and technology, natural history and world cultures. Both Museums can be accessed using the Nation Museum of Scotland admission fee. The ... Read more
The Old Medical School Museum March 30, 2018 by Chris - The old medical school museum is housed within University of Edinburgh’s Medical school building. This museum contains 12,000 objects and specimens that Edinburgh University has used for teaching lessons of anatomy for 300 years which is ideal for anyone interested in biology. A third of the collection consists of pathology, anatomy and zoology such as ... Read more
The Dean Gardens March 20, 2018 by Chris - These exclusive gardens found close to the Stockbridge suburbs in New Town part of Edinburgh are over 29137 square meters in size and are sited on the north bank of the Dean Valley with the Water of Leith running through them. The Dean Gardens were first established in the late 1860s by the local residents ... Read more
The Royal Mile including St’ Giles Cathedral March 16, 2018 by Chris - St. Giles’ Cathedral Between Edinburgh Castle and The Palace of Holyrood House on the Royal Mile stand the Cathedral of St. Giles’, this Cathedral is also known as the High Kirk of Edinburgh, the Chapel within St. Giles’ is The order of the Thistle and is the Presbyterian Mother Church. The Origins of St. Giles’ ... Read more
The Royal Botanical Gardens March 13, 2018 by Chris - Founded in 1670 the botanical garden original served as a physics garden in the Holyrood Palace grounds used to grow medicinal plants with a rough size of a tennis court for plants to grow. Today it has a vast collection housing plants in four locations of Edinburgh, Benmore, Dawyck and Logan. It still continues through ... Read more
The Royal Yacht Britannia March 9, 2018 by Chris - On April 16th 1953 The Royal yacht Britannia was launch from John Brown and Company Shipyard in Clydebank, Britannia has server The Royal Family for over 44 years now and has become the most famous ship in the world, the Britannia has been host to many Royal Honeymoons, travel to the states, official receptions and ... Read more
The Palace of Holyrood House March 6, 2018 by Chris - When visiting the Palace of Holyrood House there is tours that run regularly throughout the day and these tours are included in your admissions price, if you would rather tour at your own leisure you can take the audio tour, which is an audio guided tour which you can take your time going round things ... Read more
Edinburgh New Town March 2, 2018 by Chris - Edinburgh New Town is said to be a masterpiece of city planning, it was built in stages between 1767 and 1850, it still has much of its neo-classical and Georgian period architecture, the most famous street in the New Town is Princes Street, facing Edinburgh Castle and the Old town. In January 1766 there was ... Read more
Edinburgh Old Town February 26, 2018 by Chris - History The Old Town of Edinburgh is made up of its medieval street plan and reformation era buildings, The Royal Mile was given its name in the 20th century, it runs on a slope downwards from Edinburgh Castle to both Holyrood Palace and the ruins of Holyrood Abbey, there is many small few feet wide ... Read more
Edinburgh Castle February 23, 2018 by Chris - History This Historic castle sits atop the Castle Rock dominating the Skyline of the Scottish Capital of Edinburgh, Archaeologists have said that humans have established occupation of Castle Rock since the Iron Ages, Edinburgh Castle has been an important part of Scotland’s History. In its 1100 years it has been attacked, that we know of, ... Read more
Boxing Day in the Scottish Borders December 27, 2017 by Chris - 26th’ Dec’2017 Stuart M Wight Woke this morning to a very Winter Landscape. East Of Scotland Chauffeur Services (EOSCS) have Client’s staying at a Luxury Castle Hotel in the Scottish Borders for Xmas. What a beautiful picturesque landscape it was as we travelled to collect the Client’s for a day out in Edinburgh. Our Client’s ... Read more
Did you know it’s International Mountain Day Today? December 11, 2017 by Chris - It's International Mountain Day, check out our best picks from all over Scotland.
The Palace of Holyrood House December 5, 2017 by Chris - East Of Scotland Chauffeur Services (EOSCS) Dec’ 2017. The Palace of Holyrood House, Edinburgh, Her Majesty The Queen’s Official Royal Residence in Scotland. The Palace looking resplendent with it’s Xmas Festive Lighting. Our Client’s were the main invited guests at an exclusive evening dining event being held at the Palace.
Medieval Doo’Cote (Dovecote) December 4, 2017 by Chris - In some cultures, particularly in Medieval Europe, the possession of a dovecote was a symbol of status and power and was consequently regulated by law. Only nobles had this special privilege known as droit de colombier. Many ancient manors in France and the United Kingdom have a dovecote (still standing or in ruins) in one ... Read more
Loch Faskally & Perthshire Landscape – EOSCS November 14, 2017 by Chris - 20th’ Oct’ 2017. Beaufiful Perthshire. Loch Faskally (Scottish Gaelic: Loch Faschoille) is a man-made reservoir in Perth and Kinross, Scotland, 2.5 kilometres (1.6 mi) northwest of Pitlochry. The photo was taken within the grounds of the fantastic 5 Star Fonab Castle Hotel. When the Castle was built by the Sandeman Family (port and sherry merchants) ... Read more
Corporate Event November 3, 2017 by Chris - September 2017. With Client’s in the Wilds of the Scottish Highlands. The Client’s were experiencing Off Road 4×4 Driving, Kayaking, Shooting Clays, Archery, Quad Bike Riding. Then a wonderful Barbeque. What an exciting day they had, a Full Day of Outdoor Activities.
Mercedes V Class November 2, 2017 by Chris - East Of Scotland Chauffeur Services. Mid October 2017. Our Brand New Mercedes V Class Luxury People Carrier (MPV) out working on it’s First Job. The Event was a High Profile VIP Dinner at the stunningly beautiful Dumfries House. EOSCS had the honour and privilege of looking after the main VIP Guests attending the Evening Dinner ... Read more
Wedding Day October 24, 2017 by Chris - Testimonial – Wedding, Mercedes S Class, Saturday 2nd September 2017 From the initial phone call into EOSCS it could not have been simpler and the staff were great! It was a very professional service from start to finish and the Booking Form set out clear instructions and expectations. Nothing was too much hassle and they ... Read more
Fleet Addition Mercedes V Class MPV October 21, 2017 by Chris - East Of Scotland Chauffeur Services proudly announces that we have taken delivery of our 2017 Brand New Mercedes V Class 7 Passenger Luxury People Carrier (MPV). Brilliant Silver, Extra Long Wheelbase, providing additional leg room for Client’s. The Interior features Silk Beige Luxury Leather, with Dark Mahogany Wood Trim throughout, WIFI, IPad Docking Station, Bluetooth ... Read more
Cruising with Highland Free Spirits October 12, 2017 by Chris - September 2017. Our Client’s had a brilliant fun experience on board the Eilidh Catriona cruising on Loch Ness. This is a great way to see Loch Ness with your own Private Cruise with Family and Friends, stopping to visit Urquhart Castle or if you are very, very lucky catch a glimpse of NESSIE !!!!!!!!!!!!, depending ... Read more
Picturesque Cottage October 6, 2017 by Chris - This beautiful cottage, with it’s magnificent gardens, can be found on the old road to the village of Luss on the shores of Loch Lomond. The whole landscape around the Loch is spectacular, part of Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. The Highest mountain in the area (Ben Lomond) is amongst several peaks you will ... Read more
Ardbeg Distillery the isle of Islay October 6, 2017 by Chris - For Whisky Connoisseurs, the Isle of Islay is the location for you to sample some of the most prestigious Single Malts produced in the Scottish Whisky Industry. You will have 11 Distilleries to choose from on the Island. (DON’T DRINK & DRIVE). The island is so picturesque with plenty of stunningly beautiful Vistas to admire, ... Read more
How to be part of the landscape October 6, 2017 by Chris -   By Stuart M Wight September 2017 The Wonderful, Beautiful things you stumble across when touring with client’s in the Highlands of Scotland. This Timber Building blends itself so Naturally to the landscape, the owner is a true conservationist, taking great care of what is build and how it should interact with the environment. Taking ... Read more
Peacock at Prestonfield House Hotel June 14, 2017 by Chris - My client’s couldn’t resist feeding one of the resident Peacocks that live in the grounds at the Hotel. He followed them with his beady eyes as they strolled round the beautiful gardens. The hotel concierge provides food for the birds, one of the cannonballs at the front entrance of the Hotel is one of their ... Read more
Isle of Skye June 14, 2017 by Chris - On tour with my client’s, heading up to the Quiraing. We stopped at Kilt Rock on the Jurrasic Coast line of Skye to listen to the wonderful piper playing our traditional bagpipes. He is a local lad and was taught at the world famous piping school on Skye. He is at University and does this ... Read more
Client’s Special Anniversary at Gleneagles June 14, 2017 by Chris - Beautiful horse drawn carriage outside the Gleneagles Hotel. My client’s took a carriage ride around Auchterarder and on the country roads to celebrate their special anniversary, they told me it was an unforgettable day. They sipped champagne as the driver took them on their tour.
Me at St Andrews June 14, 2017 by Chris - Stuart M Wight Owner EOSCS I love bringing client’s here, they always love the old golf course and the ancient cathedral and the oldest university in Scotland. After a wonderful morning I took them to dine at the lovely Dolls House restaurant. After leaving my client’s to stroll along the famous 18th Fairway I was ... Read more