The Best Whisky Tour Edinburgh – 11 Amazing Venues

whisky tour edinburgh

Searching Google for Whisky Tour Edinburgh?, you have come to the right place! We have compiled a list in no particular order of the best Whisky tours in Edinburgh.

The most famous Scottish alcoholic drink of all time is our whisky. It’s a tipple that goes back over 500 years. Since then its popularity around the world has grown year-on-year. This is why we decided to share this compilation of whisky tours in Edinburgh. We hope this will be a guide of the most amazing venues for you to try out.

Although many of the distilleries aren’t in the city itself they are close to it. Hiring a chauffeur service to get you to these places is easy and affordable. Getting a chauffeur driven car will take your mind off the Edinburgh travel part of your visit. It will also allow you to focus on the places you visit and enjoy the experience.

Whisky Tour Edinburgh Royal Mile Whiskies

Royal Mile Whiskies is one of the best whisky shops. You should consider this venue for a chauffeured itinerary stop. The staff in this place know their job because they’ve been there for decades. The collection of whisky they have is vast and some are very old but definitely worth trying. They might be a bit pricey but it’s a great experience.

Edinburgh Distillery Tour One – Glenkinchie

Another amazing venue is this distillery located about fifteen miles away from Edinburgh. Built in 1825 Glenkinchie has had its ups and downs. The entire place has a rich history. It’s also probably the best whisky distillery near Edinburgh. If you have a chauffeur in tow you can travel in style and safety to this distillery and enjoy the whisky they make.

Scotch Whisky Experience Silver Tour

This experience is perfect for families. Those who aren’t familiar with Scottish whisky will also find it amazing. It’s a tour that will introduce you to the production of Scotch whisky and whisky aromas. You will also get a mini whisky bottle and a tasting glass as a gift so you can try it at home. It’s a great tour that is made that extra bit special with a chauffeured vehicle.

Scotch Whisky Experience Platinum whisky tour edinburgh

This is an experience that is highly recommended for whisky lovers. It’s a tour that will introduce you to the production process of Scotch whisky. You will also learn about the different whisky aromas. You will be able to see the largest collection of Scottish whisky in the world. You’ll get a tasting glass and 2 whisky bottles to take home with you. It’s definitely an experience worth your time and effort.

The Famous Grouse Distillery Tour

This tour takes place in one of the most visited distilleries in Scotland. On this famous tour you will learn about the whisky-making process and blend creation. It’s an incredibly fun experience that has an exciting ending. It ends with a video show and a test of your prowess to determine different aromas.

The Holyrood Distillery Tour

A relatively new attraction near Edinburgh is this tour. It opened in 2019 and now produces the first malt whisky distilled in Scotland for almost 100 years. The tour consists of a guided experience of the distillery. This tour will get you closer to the tastes and flavours of the whisky. It will also teach you about the production of gin and malt whisky. During this time you will constantly enjoy whisky samples from their distillery.

The Whisky Shop

This whisky shop actually has custom-made bottles for bottling their whisky. It’s one of the best whisky venues you could visit whilst in Edinburgh. Their prices are reasonable. They also have many packages you can pick from. They have some amazing whisky bottles designs. Some bottles are part of their rare writers’ series but those are much more expensive.

The Scotch Whisky Experience tour Edinburgh

This is the best one to start with if you’re not so familiar with the whisky world. It’s an amazing interactive experience that will teach you how Scots whiskey is made. You are introduced to the five different regions of whisky. You get cards to smell so you can differentiate them and appreciate the different aromas. In the end, you get to the tasting part where you can put what you learned into practice and take a look at one of the biggest whisky collections in the world. When the tour is over you can head to their shop and buy different souvenirs like books, glasses, maps, and whisky.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society, Queen Street venue, Edinburgh.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society

This place was originally a private whisky club that only members could enter. They decided to open their doors to the public in 2016. Now anyone can go in and have a whisky drink at their bar. They also have tasting sessions and whisky pairing sessions that you can book online. The place also has a restaurant that offers meal courses that they pair with amazing whisky. Enjoy your whisky and a meal and then enjoy the luxury of a chauffeur driven vehicle back to your next location.

Whisky & Tobacco – Jeffrey Street

This venue is quite great because it mixes whisky and tobacco. They have great whisky, but they also have different types of cigars including Cuban. You can get a pipe and smoke like people used to do in the old days(if that’s your cup of tea). They have various offers for whisky tasting suited for beginners and enthusiasts. The prices vary depending on your choices. It’s definitely worth visiting when you’re on your whisky tour of Edinburgh in a chauffeur driven car.

Scotch Whisky Bar

This bar has been around for a long time and it’s a must-visit place when you’re in Edinburgh. The bar is part of a hotel. They offer an entire hour-long experience introducing you to the whisky culture. You can choose 4 different shots per person. Some finger food and you will also learn a lot about the history of their whisky and the entire place.

Each of the places on this list will provide you with an unforgettable experience. It will also get you closer to the whisky world. Visiting more than one will be ideal to get the most out of your Edinburgh travel plan. So hiring a chauffeur service that can take you to these places is the best way to go about this. Feel free to contact us and get the best private car hire Edinburgh has to offer. We hope that our article about the best whisky tour Edinburgh venues will help you make a decision. We are sure you will have an amazing time on your trip to Scotland. Please contact us today to find out how we can make your trip that extra bit luxurious with chauffeur driven transport.

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