Breakfast in Edinburgh

Breakfast in Edinburgh

Traditional as well as vegan and gluten-free options are all available at Edinburgh’s trendy restaurants and cafes.
The city offers delectable meals to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. If you are planing on exploring the city make sure you fill up at one of the Edinburgh breakfast spots below.

Breakfast in Edinburgh our list 2022

There are tons of places you can visit to have an amazing breakfast in Edinburgh. We have made a list of the absolute best places to eat breakfast and we have divided them into a few categories , click on any of the below links to jump to that section of the article:

Best breakfast in Edinburgh near princes street

Princes street is a famous and the main shopping street in Edinburgh,       which people often visit. Being this close to all the shops in Edinburgh makes it the perfect location to get breakfast before exploring the shops of Edinburgh.


With a drop of Chai and a little plate or two, you can brighten up your afternoon. At Dishoom you can either eat early or eat late. Alternatively, go for a tipple course and spend your day at this amazing place.


This restaurant built a name for itself as the city’s first hotspot for all things breakfast, brunch, lunch, and tea. They use high-quality local ingredients and create their items as fresh as possible on the premises.

Snax Café

Snax cafe actually has two amazing location in the center. They offer delicious breakfast or lunch and they have something for each taste. Overall it’s a nice place to visit when you are in Edinburgh to get breakfast.

Cafe Milk

MILK, a nutritionally good, seasonal, and natural food destination, was founded in 2010. All of the meals are prepared in-house with a passion for what they do. They are also proud of their excellent vegan and gluten-free selection.

Breakfast in Edinburgh city centre

Down The Hatch

This is a little establishment, yet it is one of the greatest breakfast spots in Edinburgh. The location features a nautical motif and wooden tables and chairs. On the menu, they offer a few items that they cook to perfection.

Nobles Cafe Bar & Restaurant

In the heart of Leith, Nobles is an award-winning bar and restaurant. It’s charming, and it’s become a popular hangout for foodies and drinkers. Furthermore their cuisine changes seasonally and features traditional Scottish foods.

Di Giorgio

Amazing lunches and homemade breakfasts may be found at Di Giorgio’s. It’s a fantastic restaurant in Edinburgh where you may eat in or take out. Additionally the whole mood is warm and welcoming.

Montpeliers For Dog Friendly Brunch

Montpeliers Bar and Brasserie is in the heart of Edinburgh’s Bruntsfield and it’s been a local favorite for around two decades. Every day of the week, they provide breakfast, lunch, and supper. They also get their products from local farmers.

Salt Cafe, Morningside

This dog-friendly eatery specializes on both breakfast and lunch. It’s a fantastic restaurant that provides seasonal food. Also the food is sourced with care from top local artisanal producers and suppliers. You may either stroll in or make a reservation just in case.

Seven Neighbourhood Cafe

At this location, the friendly staff displays a great degree of hospitality. This café serves foods from the British and Scottish cuisines. You may also get exquisite cheese salads and salmon spaghetti.

The Blackbird Bar & Restaurant

The menu of British and Scottish cuisines, prepared by the outstanding chef, is excellent. Crab cakes, vegetarian burgers, and lemon chicken are all nice options at this pub. Have a fun time here with your friends and share some delicious pudding and well prepared pancakes.

The Treehouse Cafe

After a long day at work, guests may unwind in this relaxing environment. This cafe’s chef makes excellent bagel sandwiches, bacon rolls, and bacon & eggs. You may also get banana pancakes that are nicely prepared, croissants, and yogurt.

Piecebox Cafe

Clients can unwind here thanks to the magnificent décor and welcoming ambiance. You may have delectable Scottish breakfast, club sandwiches and soup. They’re all excellent options. On the menu are also berry smoothies, scones, and French toast.


This café is excellent for those who enjoy British and Greek food. They have some of the best eggs benedict, bacon rolls, and egg sandwiches around. Guests may savor delectable meals and request scrumptious strawberry waffles at this establishment. They also offer a gorgeous décor and a nice dining atmosphere.

The Pantry

The menu is well-organized and the British and Scottish meals are extremely nice. Perfectly prepared egg waffles, pudding, and compote are served at this eatery. Chai latte, fresh juice, and tea are also available. The environment here is fairly intimate, which is ideal for a romantic evening.

Broughton Deli

A lot of people come here to eat wonderful porridge, bacon, and scrambled eggs. There are also excellent crepes, fruitcake, and brownies available at the deli. Their quick service and attractive interior are significant advantages.


This restaurant’s vegetarian food is among the best in the city. Salads and salad rolls are available in good condition. Delicious smoothies, coffee, and juice are also available. They also have a professional team and excellent service.

The Royal

If you’ve never had British or Scottish food, make a reservation and order from the menu at this bar. Here you can always get delectable oysters, haggis, and smoked salmon. Draft beer, cask ale, and malt whiskey are also available. You’ll have a terrific time because the entire crew is attractive.

The Edinburgh Larder Cafe

This café serves a variety of odd British and Scottish dishes. Some of their greatest meals include smoked salmon, Scottish breakfast, and poached eggs. They’ve also prepared Scones, pudding, and French toast. Because of its handy position, this place is easy to find. The professional personnel works hard, maintains a good attitude, and contributes to the success of the venue.

The High Dive

The cuisine is one of the nicest aspects of this establishment, particularly the freshly cooked pesto pizza. The venue also has amazing mushroom salads, and marinara pizza. They also provide banana desserts, fritters, and doughnuts. The staff is courteous and accommodating.

Em’s Kitchen

Many people come to sample the delicious haggis, smoked salmon, and avocado mash on offer. The best dishes are good pancakes, bagels, and French toasts. Customers are calm and have a nice time in our establishment because of the pleasant atmosphere.


This establishment is well-known for its excellent service and pleasant employees who are there to assist you. The environment is pleasant, and many guests like the concept of this location. Try the properly baked brownies, compote, and crumble, all of which are delicious.

The Bluebird Café

To begin with, this location offers amazing service and employees. It also boasts a wonderful interior and a pleasant ambiance. They have delicious grilled bacon, soup, and burritos on the menu. You may also get delicious scones, buttermilk pancakes, and brownies here.

The Auld Hoose

The Auld Hoose is a must-visit for fans of British and vegetarian food. They have delicious nacho chips, vegetarian burgers, and guacamole on the menu. Sticky toffee pudding cooked to perfection with delectable ice cream may leave a lasting impression. This bar’s fantastic service and employees are a huge plus.

Finn & Bear

Try the perfectly prepared nacho chips, crabs, and halloumi at Finn And Bear. After a long day at work, a decent beer, wine, or gin can be enjoyed. Cappuccino is quite tasty, as many reviews agree. This location’s cozy setting allows guests to unwind after a long day at work. This location is recommended because of the kind employees.

Urban Angel

At Urban Angel, try the delectable bacon, eggs benedict, and brioche French toasts as a variation from your usual dinner. Delicious pudding, acai bowls, and brownies will be offered. Here you may have some wonderful wine or a decent bitter. After a hard week at work, treat yourself to some delicious almond smoothies, cappuccinos, or fresh juices.


This is the place to go if you enjoy gluten-free meals. To make an impression about this café, you can have perfectly prepared avocado toasts and delicious pork. Imagine a restaurant with amazing food and a welcoming staff, and that’s precisely what you’ll find here.

Breakfast in Edinburgh old town

Hula Juice Bar & Cafe, Grassmarket

This restaurant is known for its vegetarian food. They provide great soup, halloumi, and oatmeal, all of which are delicious. The excellent service exhibits a high degree of quality at reasonable costs.

Loudons New Waverley

This restaurant’s chefs make excellent smoked salmon, bacon, and eggs benedict. There is both indoor and outdoor seating available. Furthermore, their pricing are reasonable, and the overall atmosphere is pleasant and relaxing.


The finest characteristic of this establishment is the British food it serves. They provide delicious haggis, venison burgers, and other deer-based delicacies. Waffles, scones, and Brezeln are also available. The individuals that are working there are extremely friendly and helpful.

Breakfast just outside of Edinburgh city center

Little Bakery

The Little Bakery serves a delectable selection of home-baked cakes and treats. They also serve breakfasts, afternoon teas, and excellent coffee. They also provide a fantastic range of freshly baked goodies prepared by our outstanding chefs.

Mimi’s Bakehouse

Mimi’s Bakehouse has established itself as one of Edinburgh’s most popular bakeries. It’s also a well-known and award-winning brand. Brunch is served all day, as well as tea and other beverages. They also have cakes and baked items on the menu.

The King’s Wark

You can get wonderful sticky toffee pudding and ice cream at this location. Delicious draft beer, prosecco, and scotch are also available. They also serve delicious smoked haddock, prawns, and seafood chowder. Because of the lovely décor, it creates a really pleasant environment.


This establishment is a charming, intimate pub that provides locally produced meals seven days a week. The cuisine is delicious and deserving of your attention. Freshly squeezed juices, wines, and ales are also available.

The Ship on the Shore

You may eat the freshest and most remarkable Scottish fish and shellfish at this location. They take great pride in utilizing only the best and freshest ingredients. Also the ingredients they use arrive daily and are sourced from sustainable sources. Food is served in a straightforward manner at the venue. They provide only the finest ingredients, professionally cooked and presented.

Bottomless brunch Edinburgh

Brunch is a meal that is often consumed between 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 pm. As an accompaniment, the meal is often accompanied with an alcoholic drink (usually champagne or a cocktail). Brunch is an abbreviation or rather a combination of breakfast and lunch. You can check out our list of amazing brunch locations here.

Edinburgh Chauffeur Breakfast Travel

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