Cocktail Bars in Edinburgh

Cocktail Bars in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the most visited city in Scotland because there is plenty to see and experience. It’s one of the best cities you can visit when you are in Scotland if you want to have some fun and see some amazing sights.

One of the best parts of Edinburgh is its nightlife, and a big part of this is the wide range of cocktails bars on offer. There are many great cocktail bars in Edinburgh that are worth visiting, but which are the very best is often a question that comes up. As such, here are the best cocktail bars Edinburgh has to offer.

Best cocktail bars in Edinburgh

Le Monde

Soft pastel tones and small booths fill the main drawing room. Therefore, it’s ideal for cuddling up or socializing with friends and family. Their sophisticated cuisine and drink menus provide a world of flavour and elegance. If you’re up for a drink or very nice food, this is the bar for you.

Tattu Edinburgh

Tattu’s essence is based on modern cookery with classic tastes. Cocktails with vodka and strawberries are on the menu. You may also order delicious delicacies such Chinese dumplings and Szechuan sea bass.


On a Saturday night, the venue has two nicely furnished bars. Both of which are packed with guests dressed to the nines. Every area includes an eye-catching piece of furniture that is bursting with colour. Also, it offers a new sensation thanks to the various flower pots and vases.

Cold Town House

The brewhouse at Cold Town Houses has live entertainment every night. They have a rotating line-up of music, comedy, and cabaret. A selection of eight fantastic craft beer creations are piped in from their brewery. If you’re hungry, pizza and prosecco are other options.


With low lighting, a jovial staff, and music filling the area every evening, Tonic exudes laid-back drinking vibes. This Edinburgh haunt has a more intimate environment than most bars. It also has a philosophy of personalized tipples and inventive mixology. The cocktail menu as well as the food menu have many choices.

Chaophraya Edinburgh

The site is unrivalled, with a breathtaking view of Edinburgh Castle and the Firth of Forth. It’s an unforgettable experience. Traditional and reimagined meals, a diverse wine list, and a superb selection of interesting drinks are available at this bar.


This pub serves delicious chicken wings and perfectly cooked buffalo wings. Customers are calm and enjoy a good time in this bar because of the pleasant ambiance. The staff is extremely nice and helpful, and the décor is warm and inviting.

Panda And Sons

Panda & Sons is brimming with old-fashioned warmth and lovely décor reminiscent of a prohibition speakeasy. Panda & Sons has a wide range of wines and beers, but it’s their cocktails that are worth a look. Enjoy some top-notch mixology, complete with barrel-smoked spirits and orange peel twirls.

Angels Share – Cocktail Bars In Edinburgh

Angels share is a stylish boutique hotel with a fantastic bar and restaurant. This attractive venue is located in the heart of the city’s historic district. Angels share has a fantastic selection of wines, champagnes, and exquisite spirits within its incredible drink’s menu.

The Cauldron Edinburgh

The Cauldron, situated on Frederick Street, is an interactive potion-making experience. They provide 1.45-hour potion-making sessions. That means they pour a welcome drink with the help of a magical wand, then create two magical potions according to the instructions. Seasonal activities such as pumpkin carving and gingerbread home creation are also part of the experience.

Wahaca Edinburgh

Wahaca serves the best tacos, tortillas, burritos, and enchiladas in town. They also have a beverage’s menu that includes beers, wines, cocktails, and soft drinks. Furthermore, they have a selection of tequilas and mezcals to round out the Mexican experience.

The Three Sisters

The restaurant maintains the lively feelings with its large pizzas. They also have hefty burgers, and delectable dishes of poutine which are served behind the bar. The venue’s lovely beer garden, however, is the true star. It’s the place to be on game day, with a large screen and a variety of food and drink kiosks.

Paradise Palms

This restaurant-bar is not short of décor, with odd wall-hangings. It also features bunting, antiques, and vinyl records adorning every inch of the space. The bar offers a diverse selection of drinks and beers. Some of which are tiki-themed and combine hot rum with fresh fruit.


Rabble is a pub, restaurant, and motel that is bright, airy, and filled with plants. With a turquoise and white colour scheme, plenty of vegetation, and smart lighting, the basement bar is kept from being too gloomy. The enormous tanks that hold beer for a ‘just brewed’ quality may also be found in the main bar.

56 North

It’s a terrific location to cuddle in for some home-cooked meals and post-work tipples. You can also get a whole load of spirits for those crazy Friday nights. The interior is colourful, and has a soft sofa seating area with great ambiance. Malt whiskeys, wines, cocktails, beers, and ciders are all available on the large drink’s menu. So whatever your drink of choice, be prepared to slump over by the end of the night.

Bar Soba Edinburgh

The facility is a two-story structure with a restaurant and event space on the first floor. It also has ping pong tables and a bar on the second floor. Creative touches may be found on both the Pan East Asian themed street food menus and the classic drink menus.

Hoot The Redeemer

Hoot is a fantastic spot to throw a party. It’s packed and there’s a lot of music playing. It’s also small, and the beverages are delicious. Furthermore, the ambiance is enjoyable, and the rates are affordable. It’s undoubtedly a spot where you should pay a visit and have a few beers.

Apex Grassmarket – Cocktail Bars In Edinburgh

The Apex Grassmarket is spread across three levels and has a complete glass front. It also provides customers with a first-class view of the Grassmarket. Throughout the year, there is an outstanding roster of events. They hos many live sports in Metro and cocktail masterclasses and afternoon teas in Heights.

Las Iguanas Edinburgh

The area is open-concept and modern, with brightly coloured furnishings. It’s divided into two sections: a laid-back dining area and an art-deco-inspired bar. They provide options for vegetarians and vegans, as well as a wide selection of tapas. At the bar, you may choose from a variety of South American cocktails, all of which are reasonably priced.

Voodoo Rooms – Cocktail Bars In Edinburgh

The Voodoo Rooms is a bar, restaurant, and entertainment establishment with live music. Ornate ceilings, massive arched windows, and luxurious booth seats characterize the venue. The Voodoo Rooms is known for its extensive tequila and rum selection. Throughout the day, they provide a diverse menu of gourmet pleasures.

The Hanging Bat

This rustic pub manages to be both trendy and welcoming. There is a large selection of beers and wine on the menu. They also provide a large selection of various spirits from which to choose. This facility strikes the mark with pleasant employees and a vibrant environment.

The Last Word

A wide range of whiskeys, as well as a big wine list, are available at this venue. They also have excellent beers, and sophisticated cocktails. So they are providing the ideal alcoholic beverage for each tourist. There are plenty of appetizers to satisfy your tummy if you need to soak up some of that alcohol, including a cheeseboard with crackers and chutney.

Chauffeur Travel in Edinburgh

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