Brunch in Edinburgh


Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, so it’s only proper to treat it with the respect it deserves. If you’re not an early bird though you can always go for brunch which is served later than breakfast. Going out for brunch is always a delight, so why not start your day off properly with one of these delectable options for brunch in Edinburgh?



Capacity – around 450 guests

The Ivy on the Plaza, located in the heart of Edinburgh’s new town, overlooks the lovely St Andrew’s square. It has a large glass front, letting passers-by see straight into the vibrant eateries. During the warmer months, there is also a small outside area where you may sit and enjoy your meal or beverages. The numerous menus all provide modern British meals with some classic Scottish elements. If you’re looking for something lighter, there’s a great sandwich selection. Also, there is an afternoon tea if you’re looking for something more formal.


Capacity – around 30-50 guests

Dishoom has a charming colonial décor that is quite inviting. The restaurant’s design and artwork pay tribute to Sir Patrick Geddes. Curries, salads, and everything in between are just a few of the food options. If you don’t want to take it away, make a reservation for breakfast at Dishoom. You can also go for dinner at this restaurant although brunch is usually much better.


Capacity – between 50-70 guests

Opening in 2015, this is a restaurant full of flavour, massive servings and all things Canadian. The food is delicious, as is the location. They have both indoor and outdoor seating areas that are heated in the winter. The restaurant serves breakfast till 11am and an all-day menu after 12pm.


Capacity – around 40-60 guests

This city centre pub and restaurant serves fantastic breakfast, lunch and evening meals. There are 241 drinks to choose from, as well as tipsy afternoon tea and a cocktail masterclass party. It’s located on the George street in Edinburgh, which is an amazing location. The food is as great as the entire place. It’s well decorated and definitely one of the best restaurants in Edinburgh.


Capacity – around 50 guests

Urban Angel is located in the centre of Edinburgh in a place that has a comfortable setting. It has long been a gathering spot for those searching for great cuisine and wonderful coffee. Urban Angel consists of a small café near the front and interconnected dining rooms in the back. They offer little plates of falafel balls in curry and coconut emulsion. Also, they have smoked ham hock and Cheddar croquettes on their menu. Some of their larger servings of Caesar salad are amazing, and the food is professional.


Capacity – between 50-70 guests

All Bar One George St Edinburgh is a fashionable gathering spot for energetic individuals. They’re all about having a good time and sharing food, drink, and memories also. So the venue exists for you from your coffee need, to those night Martinis, and everything in between. The menus are designed so you can snack on tapas and sip on those scroll-stopping drinks all day long. Therefore, be ready to live your best life.


Capacity – between 30-60 guests

Among Edinburgh’s foodies, Loudon’s is a solid favourite. One of their delicacies is the poached eggs and avocado on handmade raisin soda bread. Another great choice is the American-style pancakes with bacon and baked banana drizzled with maple syrup. There are also vegan alternatives, such as a vegan version of eggs Benedict. Furthermore, they are all served with tea, coffee, and freshly squeezed orange juice.


Capacity – around 10-20 guests

The café’s established reputation for brunch is encouraging. But as foodies who care about seasonal produce and ingredient provenance, they wanted to take it a step further. So they created a brand new seasonal menu that is freshly prepared in-house. The menu also features only the finest ingredients from local artisanal producers and suppliers.


Capacity – around 50-100 guests

Edinburgh Las Iguanas brings all your favourite hot Latin meals to Scotland’s capital. It also mixes modern elegance with historic heritage, offering a delightful piece of Latin American life. You’ll be taken to a world of Latin American vibrancy as soon as you enter Edinburgh Las Iguanas. With Happy Hour drinks available all day, every day, the famed cocktail menu also brings the party to you.


Capacity – between 40-70 guests

Tank fresh beer, artisan coffee, and fresh Scottish scran are just some of the servings at this place. They also have cocktails, and very fine wine, which make this a paradise for those with whom want to explore. Allow your senses to be pampered as you take in the beauty of Brewhemia. The executive chef creates a one-of-a-kind menu of hearty meals. The menu is also inspired by the finest of European cuisine and uses fresh Scottish food sourced locally.


Capacity – between 30-60 guests

Montpeliers pub and restaurant has been a local favourite for almost two decades. It’s located in the heart of Edinburgh’s Bruntsfield. To ensure that you receive the greatest food and drink available, they also work closely with local Edinburgh suppliers. Furthermore, they are open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and supper.


Capacity – around 20-40 guests

The talented bartenders here create an astounding range of cocktails in town. Furthermore, the culinary staff is committed to working with local suppliers. This also ensures quality and provenance in every dish they serve. Rabble’s bar and restaurant is the place to go for the greatest cuisine and beverages in Edinburgh’s New Town. From slow mornings with drunken brunches to afternoon cocktails. This is one of the places to be for à la carte meals, fast snacks at the bar, and major celebrations.


Capacity – around 15-30 guests

This restaurant is part of a 23-year-old Hawaiian surfers-founded vegan and vegetarian-friendly concept. Therefore, their menu has a few delectable all-day brunch options. If you’re searching for a pleasant location to enjoy brunch in Edinburgh, this is the place to go.


Capacity – around 20-30 guests

This restaurant is noted for its blend of spices and aromatic meals. They are also famous for the pleasant ambiance and polite service. The restaurant also provides a variety of unusual cuisine that are all well-balanced in flavour and texture. Furthermore, they use freshly ground spices from the Asian Continent. Also, they use market-fresh meat, seafood, and vegetables.


Capacity – around 15-30 guests

Papii is a popular restaurant in the city since it is small and unpretentious, so get there early to grab a table. Although there is no fried breakfast available, there are plenty of other alternatives to choose from. They have offers such as loaded breakfast buns, panini’s, and bagels, as well as eggs any way you want them.


Capacity – around 10-20 guests

If you enjoy food and coffee, this is the place to go because it is their passion. The Pantry opened in 2012 and soon gained a following because of its delicious cuisine and coffee. They also provide a wide range of brunch options, making it one of the greatest brunch spots in Edinburgh.


Capacity – around 20-30 guests

One of the keys to their success has been the solid reputation for the quality of the handcrafted cakes and pastries. They are produced with only the freshest ingredients and utilizing traditional baking processes. Therefore, these are goods in which they take great pride. They also offer the right choice of items to surprise all clients, old and new. From gorgeous entire cakes to delicate pastries to their famous Afternoon Teas, their menu is very rich.


Capacity – around 30-50 guests

Veeno is a cheerful and warm wine bar with outstanding Italian cuisine and drink. Furthermore, it is located on Rose Street in the lively New Town district. Also, the wines are produced on an Italian family vineyard, allowing them to assure the greatest level of quality. Additionally, all of their cold meat cuts, bread, and cheeses are imported from Italy. They are served well, and you may enjoy them on one of their exquisite sharing platters.


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