The Royal Yacht Britannia

On April 16th 1953 The Royal yacht Britannia was launch from John Brown and Company Shipyard in Clydebank, Britannia has server The Royal Family for over 44 years now and has become the most famous ship in the world, the Britannia has been host to many Royal Honeymoons, travel to the states, official receptions and relaxing Royal Family holidays.


The Maiden Voyage of Britannia was from Portsmouth to Grand Harbour in Malta, this voyage took place on 14th April 1954 and took 6 days arriving on the 22nd April in Malta, Britannia was carrying Princess Anne and Prince Charles to meet The Queen and Prince Philip in Tobruk at the end of the commonwealth Tour, on 1st May 1954 The Queen and Prince Philip embarked on Britannia for home from Tobruk.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana of Wales had their honeymoon on Britannia in 1981. The Britannia was involved in the Civil War in Aden evacuating 1000 refugees in 1986. In 1991 Britannia sailed to Canada in 1991, Britannia made port in Toronto and Kingston, Ontario.

In the Royal Yacht Britannia’s career, it conveyed the Queen, members of the Royal Family and many dignitaries on 696 foreign visits and 272 British waters visits, during this time Britannia steamed 1,087,623 nautical miles (2,014,278km).

Commanding Officers

  • Captain J. S. Dalglish, 7th January – 28th April 1954.
  • Vice Admiral Sir Conolly Abel Smith, 28th April 1954 – 30th January 1958.
  • Vice Admiral Sir Peter Dawnay, 30th January 1958 – 25th January 1962.
  • Rear admiral Sir Joseph Henley, 25th January 1962 – 9th March 1970.
  • Rear Admiral Sir Patrick Morgan, 9th March 1965 – 1st September 1970.
  • Rear Admiral Sir Richard Trowbridge, 1st September 1970 – 11th September 1975.
  • Rear Admiral Sir Hugh Janion, 11th September 1975 – 4th February 1981.
  • Rear Admiral Sir Paul Greening, 4th February 1981 – 12th September 1985.
  • Rear Admiral Sir John Garnier, 12th September 1985 – 18th September 1990.
  • Rear Admiral Sir Robert Woodard, 18th September 1990 – 1st April 1995.
  • Commodore A. J. C. Morrow, 1st April 1995 – 11th December 1997.

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