Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art | Visitor Info | Updated 2021

About The Scottish National Gallery The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art has a rich history. From its humble beginnings, it is now a stronghold of creativity. A look at its history paints a true picture of its significance. History The original National Gallery of Modern Art was in the Inverleith House in the August … Read more

The Best Loch Leven Hotels

featured image source Information about Loch Leven Loch Leven is a freshwater loch located in the Kinross and Perth council area around 27 miles from Edinburgh. This is in central Scotland, lying directly east of the burgh of Kinross. Additionally, the loch, which is somewhat trapezoidal in shape, is about 6 km (3.7 mi) long … Read more

Holyrood Abbey

King David I founded Holyrood Abbey in 1128 which is now in ruins and the walls that are left of the abbey lie Adjacent to the Holyrood Palace, the abbey has been in ruins since the 18th Century, scheduled daily maintenance takes place to keep the abbey protected. The name Holyrood comes from the name … Read more

Craigmiller Castle

History The second Castle in Edinburgh is just outside the old town walls, Mary Queen of Scots used this castle as a safe haven in 1566, ironically the owner of Craigmiller Castle Sir Simon Preston became Mary Queen of Scots Jailer just a few years later. The Tower house battlements of Craigmillar Castle stands at … Read more

The Vaults

The Edinburgh Vaults which are also known as the South Bride Vaults are arched chambers built under the South bride of Edinburgh. With the bride’s competition those vaults became a home for different sets of crafts people such as cobblers, businesses run by traders both selling and storing their goods there as well as many … Read more

The National Museum of Scotland

The National Museum of Scotland merged with New Museum of Scotland, sharing their collections of Scottish antiquities, culture and history. The National Museum of Scotland stand alongside the Royal Museum, with collections of science and technology, natural history and world cultures. Both Museums can be accessed using the Nation Museum of Scotland admission fee. The … Read more

The Old Medical School Museum

The old medical school museum is housed within University of Edinburgh’s Medical school building. This museum contains 12,000 objects and specimens that Edinburgh University has used for teaching lessons of anatomy for 300 years which is ideal for anyone interested in biology. A third of the collection consists of pathology, anatomy and zoology such as … Read more