The Caves, Edinburgh

The Caves are located in the Old Town part of Edinburgh and being a part of the Vaults, which are connected to the South Bridge. The Caves is a private hire venue for weddings, parties, dinners or any other private functions. It can hold roughly between 65 and 400 people but is unavailable for hire in the month of August.


As the construction of the Edinburgh’s south bridge was complete in 1788 many of the arches running under the bridge holding it up became walled off by buildings utilising the tight space available to the them.

This resulted in a formation of vaults which were then occupied by many industries that have moved into the arches adding floors and creating vaults to store, sell and manufacture goods in. Due to rushed construction the bride was not very water proof and the vaults begun to flood leaving its legitimate occupants to move out.

After the excavation and renovation of these of these abandoned vaults The Caves was opened in 2002.


The caves can be found at 8–10 Niddry Street South, Edinburgh EH1 1NS.

This is with a ten-minute walking distance of the Edinburgh Castle.

It does not offer rooms to stay in but being practically in the city centre it should be easy to find any hotels for accommodation as well as any other service which needed such as food.


The guest limits of the venue are:

  • Ceremony and Wedding breakfasts allow for a minimum of 65 adults (70 on Fridays and Saturdays) and a maximum of 150 guests that day.
  • Evening Reception allows for a maximum of 450 guests.

Additional guest space

The owners of The Caves also own The Rowantree and Marlins Wynd which are connected and can be hired together for a bigger size of party.

Food and Music

Catering can be arranged through the venue and the choice of music can range between an MP3 playlist played in the venue or an alternative music act such as a band or DJ.

If you would like to know more about The Caves check the official site or if you would like to take one of our tours that will take you to The Caves and other sites in Edinburgh come to our tours page

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