The Dean Gardens

These exclusive gardens found close to the Stockbridge suburbs in New Town part of Edinburgh are over 29137 square meters in size and are sited on the north bank of the Dean Valley with the Water of Leith running through them. The Dean Gardens were first established in the late 1860s by the local residents looking to improve its steep slope of land and later argued not to construct a new terrace in favour of keeping the gardens as they were.

Through 10 years of work the gardens were established with the costs being nearly 1.8 million of pounds back then… in today’s money which was raised by the local residents own initiative and contribution through bank loans, donations and fund raising.

With four entrance gates for the residents around the park:

  • Gate situated on the corner of Ann Street and Upper Dean Terrance. (Which is the nearest of the gates to the Stockbridge suburb)
  • Gate situated on the corner of Lenox Street
  • Gate situated in the middle of the Eton Terrance
  • Gate situated at the end of the Dean Bridge

Eton Terrance, Upper Dean Terrace and Ann Street are the main areas surrounding the gardens. These can have a very nice view of the garden as well as the Dean Bridge which is situated right above the gardens.

The Dean Gardens have become a part of the Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes which is Edinburgh’s New Town gardens designation heritage program. The Dean gardens have been a part of this program as of March of 2001


In order to enter the gardens one must be a member. The requirements for its membership are:

  • Living at an address which is within the are defined by the garden’s official management body.
  • Paying the membership fee which as of 2017 stands at a one-off £30 registration and an annual one-time payment sum of £115. (although the cost in 2003 was only £65 it has risen through a change in the membership policy which has not affected its pre-existing members.)

Qualifying Addresses

The list bellow show all of the addresses which can apply for a membership to the Dean Gardens

Eton Terrace, Lennox Street, Lennox Street Lane, Clarendon Crescent, Oxford Terrace, Ann Street, Carlton Street, Danube Street, Upper Dean Terrace, Dean Terrace, Dean Park Crescent, St Bernard’s Crescent, Randolph Cliff, Learmonth Terrace, Buckingham Terrace.

To apply for the membership at the gardens you can follow the link bellow to find out more:

If you would like to know more about The Dean Gardens try the Wiki,_Edinburgh or the official website or if you would like to try one of our tours that will take you to The Dean Gardens and other sites in Edinburgh come to our tours page

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